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The terrorist’s long beard

Stories and News No. 1278

In the aftermath of the umpteenth domestic massacre in the land of automatic weapons, more than of opportunity or freedom, here is a likely and raving dialogue between two differently informed citizens that could take place almost anywhere in the world.

“Dude, you heard about that guy who made a
attack yesterday?"
"Yeah, those guys with the long beards. If it were up to me, I..."
"Me too, of course, he did it precisely on the Fourth of July."
“That's exactly what they do, they hate our civilization. I'd burn that beard..."
“Yes, the beard... of course. Among other things, he is only twenty-two, so young..."
"So young? With those beards, you can’t figure out how old they really are..."
“Well said. Besides, it seems he was also a rapper."
“Listen, they know their job. They get into our young people's heads with the lyrics of the songs, that's how they screw your brain with their bullshit."
"Ours in what sense?"
"In the sense of civilized people, we Westerners, of course, not those savages with long beards."
“Yes… the beard again, I see. In any case, what sadness if I think of the six dead and the thirty injured who were happily enjoying a day of celebration during a quiet parade, with all the police around."
“Dude, those killing beards do it on purpose, okay? It’s no coincidence that they are called terrorists, they want to instill fear in us exactly in those moments when we feel safe, in the middle of the crowd."
“Sure, it's true. What worries me more is that his thoughts, the videos, the crazy things he said, were available until a few hours ago on social media, such as Youtube, Instagram and even Twitter. Is it possible that no one has noticed this before?"
“And who knows how many people in the meantime let themselves be indoctrinated by his delusions. That's why when on internet I see one of those hateful beards in the profile picture I pass immediately beyond, possibly after having banned, flagged, ditched the subject. "
"Me too, has now become my favorite sport."
“Good, it's also a social duty, if you think about it. By stemming the phenomenon, we are doing a service for the community. "
"Of course, but non for everybody."
"Right, only the peaceful and civil people."
"Wait a minute, I've received another update on the attack on my phone. I keep myself updated, always on the alert!"
“And never let your guard down! Anyway, don't tell me, let me guess: where is the bearded man from? Iran, right? Or Afghanistan? Maybe he is African, but there they are so many-"
"Sorry, but here it says that he is from Chicago..."
“Check his origins, those are everything. This is why they will never convince me that someone is a good citizen just because he was born here, or even he did a couple of homework at school. See if he has a beard."
"Just a bit of a beard, but he is from Chicago, that is, he is American. He seems to be a white supremacist and, if we really want to talk about origins, he has Italian descent."
"What?! Read well, it will be a typo. Maybe it will be some fake news from the globalist and immigration left. "
"Not at all, the main newspapers wrote it..."
"Dude, are you all right?"
"I’m fine. In any case, if it is true it will be an exception. "
"Exactly, it can only be like this, it's just an exception."

Well, in the real world, beyond the boundaries of this delusional dialogue, the irrefutable numbers out there say that since September 11, 2001, according to a 2017 report drawn up by the Government Accountability Office of the United States Congress, 73% of attacks on American soil have been carried out by terrorists belonging to the far right, in 2020 the Center for strategic and international studies have confirmed that in the last 25 years the vast majority of attacks have been from right-wing extremists, and that according to the Department of Homeland Security the terrorist danger due to white supremacists is at the top in the USA and since March of 2021 is feared at the same level as ISIS, although internal attacks by the latter are very rare.
Yet, thanks largely to xenophobic propaganda and the systematic disinformation of lying politicians and complacent media, it will still take a long time to convince people that a long beard does not make a terrorist. Far from it, to be honest...

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