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Most likely

Stories and News No. 1282

Most likely, yes.
That is, Shireen Abu Akleh was most likely shot by an Israeli soldier, the Israeli army finally said.
Now it is all a matter of statistics, pies and percentages, discounted forecasts and surveys in the form of sentences, demeaned, humiliated and derided hopes before and after, and a population of exiles from the principal graph that increases every day more.
Therefore, you open the newspapers, browse, run, escape and look for a refuge on the world wide web, indeed, far from it, you listen to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and everything seems to have already been decided without you being able to do anything about it. Because it is most likely, the modern and polite way to make fun of you.
In no particular order, most likely in the next italian elections the right will win, and even if it is further to the right of that past one, it still makes fun of you and those who vote for it by coloring itself with a placid center and dressing by Christian moderation.
It is equally likely that this dark coalition – in every conceivable sense and they are all nightmares – will not last long. Despite the appearances, if you stuff a bunch of snakes from different families into a sack and close it, what do you think you will find there tomorrow once the knots are untied?
Of course, identically it is quite likely that in Italy we will find ourselves again with yet another technical government piloted by Brussels, conditioned by the USA and blackmailed by Russia, but the markets and the banks will gain, the right wing will return to scrape hatred and ignorance to make a bang in the ballot box again and the left that is not the left will find a way back to the crown. But what will do the real left below or just above 3% of votes?
Well, I think it is very likely that this question will still remain unanswered.
At the same time, it is infinitely likely that whatever majority we will have in the coming months, we will see the same stale recurrences and the usual dramas without ending, like today's TV series.
Consequently, very likely, even if we did not qualify, the average Italian guy between November and December will mess up his calendar to follow the football world cup, with an exponential increase of talk shows full of endless chatter about the exploits of footballers everywhere.
Without any solution of continuity, but so likely, after the Christmas and new year’s day celebrations, no episode of the Sanremo Festival will be missed, where the elderly artists are getting older, the young promises never keep the latter, but then there are the little dresses of the famous female actress, and the comedians who scare only themselves and laugh alone, how can’t you enjoy it?
Then there is Formula One with Ferrari that hasn't won in a lifetime, but who misses a start? There is the new season of that series that were all dead, but they are still alive because it was just a dream, the fault of the drugs, the aliens, the fairy godmother, you choose. And then there will come yet another new Marvel film, where they no longer know who to make a superhero, but who knows if once and for all they really choose a normal person, a truly marginalized creature by counterfeit, rather than glossy, covers.
Apart of that, the rest is all very likely, don't you think?
So, imagine if the right party will still be at the helm of this confused country, what do you think will happen on March 8 and especially April 25? What about June 2?
It is more than likely that on the life of women, all of them, and on the best chapters of our common history, those who cannot do anything else will continue to scream nonsense and make us ashamed of belonging to the same species.
Well, you see, I could go on and further increase this bleak list of likely facts, but I can only remain obsessed with the image of that population which I wrote of shortly after the incipit, formed by those excluded from the aforementioned vision, which increases in number second after second, between those who do not feel represented even by invented stories, let alone the real ones, and those who have completely lost faith in others.
Then, for some time now, all of that has given me a deafening and paradoxical doubt: what if we are the majority and we haven't noticed it?
Because the most likely thing that I would like to add closing this is that those who will stay at home in the next elections will still be the very first party...

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