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The new italian traditional family

Stories and News No.1283

Abroad, the now more than realizable scenario that, in the coming weeks, will see an Italy led by a government headed by “the mother”, as well as “the Christian woman”, Giorgia Meloni, “the Russian” Matteo Salvini and “the immortal” Silvio Berlusconi arouses understandable concern.
Nonetheless, browsing through the political programs of the aforementioned and above all reading their respective statements, I cannot help but notice their common affection for the so-called traditional family.
Consequently, I would like to address this issue as usual with a short story.

Once upon a time the traditional family.
The new one, I mean, model 2.0, version 2022 but without any update, because flaws and bugs are always there.
In the new family, conscientiously and above all ethically respectful of tradition, the dean, aka the grandfather is the old Silvio.
Nevertheless, let’s continue as if it were really a fairy tale, where often the story counts more than the protagonists.
So, we could go on to say that he is an 85-year-old man with two wives and as many divorces behind him - in addition to a cohabiting girlfriend - with whom he had 5 children, who in turn gave him 15 grandchildren.
What matters, to make us think, is that he is currently engaged to a girl 53 years old younger than him. Well, he could easily be her grandfather, since he has a granddaughter of the same age, so everything comes back.
Then, let's move on to the mother, aka Giorgia. She is an Italian woman and a true Christian, but she is not married in church, not even civilly, but she lives with a man, from whom she had a daughter.
Ergo, she is a mom, period. Given this, I do not think that much more can be said, here, without avoiding controversy.
And what about “the dad”? Well, Matteo has in his curriculum a marriage and a consequent divorce, as well as a cohabitation, from which he first had a son and then a daughter, not to mention a relationship with a well-known TV presenter.
To date he is engaged to a girl who is almost 20 years younger than him.
As if to say, the example of the grandfather is a must, that's it.
Now, insisting on this suggestive as well as allegorical description, more faithful than ever to the grotesque reality, imagine that you are invited to the traditional Christian Christmas dinner as guests of this familiar gathering.
The grandfather and the younger woman at the head of the table; to the right here is the Christian and Italian mother together with her not married partner and still to the right “the father” with his younger fiancĂ©e. Then, with all that they carry in the baggage of their respective personal stories, not to mention those of relatives, friends, colleagues and cronies - more or less promptly obscured as needed - imagine them as they join in chorus at midnight to propose a toast: to the sacredness of the family!
Well, I think whoever you are, if your brain is still working, you could risk a heart attack from laughing.
The real problem is that for many out there, beyond the frame of the family spots with the fireplace in the background, there is absolutely nothing to laugh about...

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