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Victims of our habits

Stories and News No. 1292 The french oil company TotalEnergies and the chinese China National Offshore Oil Corporation are the main financiers of the controversial East African oil pipeline, which according to recent studies will produce huge quantities of carbon dioxide, 379 million tons of pollution from global warming, or more than 25 times the combined annual emissions of nations Uganda and Tanzania, where the pipeline will be working. At the same time, the oil will be exported and sold abroad as usual. All this confirms what Martin Griffiths, head of the humanitarian section of the United Nations, claims regarding the damage suffered by African populations such as Somalia, victims of our habits, while most of the 100 billion promised in 2009 by rich countries to counteract the climate change has disappeared into the many pockets, sleeves and purses of the various intermediary parties responsible for the funding delivery . Once upon a time there was “us”. Or even “those”, “the

You are not on social networks?

Stories and News No. 1291 In recent years we have become increasingly hyper-connected , especially adolescents, who spend 8 to 10 hours a day on the internet, largely on social networks, with disastrous consequences for physical, mental and emotional health. Hence the following likely dialogue inspired by a really recent event happened to me: "You’re not on social networks?" A friend of mine, who I haven't seen for a while, asks me recently. “No, I quit those things a few years ago,” I reply deliberately being ironic comparing theme to drugs, or something that cause a harmful form of addiction. "For real?" He insists. "Yes, really," I reply. "And how can I put you in my Facebook group?" "By simple logic, you can't, that's it." "So you can't even add a like to my fan page?" "No for the same reason." "Understood. But can I always share a few posts, an image or a video with you?" "You c

On bullets and foreign interventions

Stories and News No. 1290 What to do when in a country more or less distant from us the population is in serious condition for the different reasons, from a civil war to a natural catastrophe, as well as a foreign invasion or a climatic tragedy such as drought or a flood is a very topical topic nowadays. I invite you to reflect on it through a story, as usual inspired by true facts. Once upon a time Haiti. One of the many lands attacked and mortally wounded by that terrifying, cruel and sadistic monster named Colonialism. So once upon a time the Spaniards, it is clear, also the French and, of course, the United States of America. Once upon a time, during the years, a nation as vulnerable as it was fragile, made so even by those who strenuously defend their borders, that is to say, in a one or simply hypocritical way. Let’s jump to 1915, the year of the Occupation by the most powerful neighbors, namely the USA. To bring peace and democracy, order and stability, as in the Handbook of

2022 FIFA World Cup Water scandal

Stories and News No. 1289 We are almost there, my friends. Hold on, please. In a month the great show will begin. But who would have thought it would be an opportunity to do something right,  supportive, in one word, human? Apparently, despite the considerable environmental impact and exorbitant costs, perhaps for once the end will justify the means. Because, listen, from the tournament start, 140 fields will receive at least 10,000 liters of water a day for about three weeks. Fresh water, right? It has been previously desalinated, with all the necessary economic and industrial efforts, in addition to the environmental ones, as already mentioned. But this is an opportunity to be tolerant, because the survival of millions of people is at stake. Now I haven't counted them all, but 140 fields is an important number, and 10,000 liters of water to drink a day is a real godsend. I am obviously thinking of the fields, that is the camps with the largest number of inhabitants, such as Bi

A dream for November 20th

Stories and News No. 1288 Okay, this is very naive. I know, okay? But I'd like to write it anyway. It's not a story, but it fits. That is, in the sense that it fits on one page. Because while it takes immensely long when the question concerns a single person, moreover powerful and without any control, it takes very, very little, if there are many to want it, shout it, demand it. However weak and insignificant, oppressed or just neglected they are. It's like having the same dream, yes, but all at the same time. And then it no longer matters how simple and utopian the imagination is. Because when you multiply the most unattainable hopes among them, it is like rubbing two stones: from patience and tenacity to spark and fire, and let the light shines in the darkness. Let me explain: I'm talking about war, as I did this morning with a group of teenagers who are rightly anxious, worried, annoyed and even angry: “How is that? Was Covid not enough for you? War too? Also miss