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When we were the internet

Stories and News No. 1296 Observing what is happening on Twitter in the Elon Musk version, I remember that it was the beginning of the nineties when at the Sapienza University of Rome - I graduated in Computer Sciences - one of us asked a professor the following question: "What is the internet really?" “We are the Internet”, replied the teacher, as if it were the simplest thing in the world. And it is, if you think about it. The idea is elementary, easily understood even by a child: a network whose segments connect dots, which in turn correspond to the participants of this global meeting. In a word, we. I was immediately struck by this invention like many at the time. A true revolution: making accessible more and more everywhere a tool through which you can get in touch extremely quickly with anyone in the world who wants the same. The founding core of the revolutionary aspect is that you can do it in a perfectly horizontal way, getting rid of the medium or mass media. I c

Don’t gas Africa satirical reply

Stories and News No. 1295 Satirical reply to Don't Gas Africa ’s letter addressed to African citizens without access to electricity. Dear brothers, I know you are at least 600 million . Aren't you tired of living in the dark, while north of it we wallow in volts? Listen to that good Samaritan Tony Blair (yes, that's him ) when he says that [the Africans, you guys] need to be able to get gas. Gas will be a transition fuel for them . Transition to what? What does it matter, when today is gloomy, i.e. with the light bulb off? Who better than you should know? Evil tongues argue that the rest of us are not interested in your fate and we are only concerned with ours. Well, our horizons are linked, my brothers, because of that unfortunate war in Ukraine. What if we try to see the latter as an opportunity rather than a misfortune? Otherwise, why do you think that at the last COP (which really means Conference of Parasites, not "Parties" of the United Nations involved

Italy’s Meloni uses migrants to hide real problems

Stories and News No. 1294 I imagine many have wondered why, since the day of the inauguration of the new extremist right-wing italian government, our news pages are full of migrants, NGO ships led by crews financed by some "immigrationism" spectre, the consequent severe reply by the italian rulers and the inevitable clashes with the rest of Europe - even the "welcoming" French -, that is what our actual leaders were waiting for months. Well, the answer is as simple as it is banal, in my humble opinion. This is a trick as old as the world itself: we talk a lot about one thing, or making it happen, to distract the crowd from the rest. Lots of US presidents have shifted the attention of citizens to enemies or alleged ones across the border to prevent them from dealing with problems at home, Noam Chomsky told us to the point of boredom. In the same way, since his coming to power in the 90s, as well as on migrants, Berlusconi did the same accusing the leftist judges a

Giorgia Meloni Humanity 1 and the law of the sea

Stories and News No. 1293 "We must remember what the law of the sea is, which has been invoked so often", declared recently the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni regarding the controversy with Germany on the need to offer relief to the German ship Humanity 1, which should have more than 100 minors on board. “If you accidentally encounter a boat in distress at sea, you are bound to save whoever is on board. But if you travel between the African coasts and Italy to transport migrants, you are openly violating the law of the sea and international law." In these years in Italy lots of people told me that the Left no longer exists, since the world has changed because the right wins without opposition and there is no difference between “them” and “those”. This is not the point, in my humble opinion. It never was. Because the differences are indeed there, they are there in front of your eyes every day, and they certainly do not concern the symbols of the parties or their vain e