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Giorgia Meloni Humanity 1 and the law of the sea

Stories and News No. 1293

"We must remember what the law of the sea is, which has been invoked so often", declared recently the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni regarding the controversy with Germany on the need to offer relief to the German ship Humanity 1, which should have more than 100 minors on board. “If you accidentally encounter a boat in distress at sea, you are bound to save whoever is on board. But if you travel between the African coasts and Italy to transport migrants, you are openly violating the law of the sea and international law."

In these years in Italy lots of people told me that the Left no longer exists, since the world has changed because the right wins without opposition and there is no difference between “them” and “those”.
This is not the point, in my humble opinion.
It never was.
Because the differences are indeed there, they are there in front of your eyes every day, and they certainly do not concern the symbols of the parties or their vain electoral promises. You can see them at home, at work, on the street and even at sea.
They are evident in the choice of priorities, decisions and approaches to life in general.
They are clear and unambiguous between the spoken words, then written or transcribed.
What we are different for, and fortunately so, is important and fundamental stuff, able of determining the present and above all the future that awaits us in a completely opposite way.
However, it is something that does not necessarily concern the program of the parties or the slogans of one exponent or the other.
That's why nothing is dead as long as there is life out there, which in turn saves lives.
Ultimately, it is what has been the compass of my existence since I understood which side I would be on until the end of my days, and it goes far beyond voting and whether there is someone in parliament representing my way of seeing the world.
Because I know that there is outside of it, and above all that should inspire our daily doing. Also because these are concrete and enlightening actions far more powerful than a declaration of a political party.
Think about the aforementioned words said by the italian current leader of the far right, reread them with me with further attention, because the difference is all there. It can escape a distracted glance or listening, instead it is as big as the sky, or the sea that divides us: if you accidentally encounter a boat in difficulty at sea, you are bound to save whoever is on board. But if you travel between the African coasts and Italy to transport migrants, you are openly violating the law of the sea and international law.
What does it mean? That not even they are able to glimpse what distinguishes us and even if they find it in front of their eyes they are unable to understand it, because it presupposes ideals and feelings that do not belong to them. Because there is a part of the world, not just our country, which is convinced that meeting someone in difficulty, whoever they are and regardless of where they come from, at sea as in any other place, can only happen by chance and only in such eventuality you have an obligation to help them.
They just can't conceive of the fact that there are people who leave their homes in the morning with the conscious intention of saving complete strangers, reaching any latitude on the planet, especially where there is greater need, without any particular interest, with a starvation salary or even as simple volunteers, putting their health and even life itself at risk.
The real problem is not who will never be able to believe that all this is possible, but all the others who have even had concrete proof, but suddenly they are told that it is much more comfortable to live by pretending that it was all a dream, perhaps childish, naive or even worse. And then the fault lies with the Left, which is no longer here...

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