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Italy’s Meloni uses migrants to hide real problems

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I imagine many have wondered why, since the day of the inauguration of the new extremist right-wing italian government, our news pages are full of migrants, NGO ships led by crews financed by some "immigrationism" spectre, the consequent severe reply by the italian rulers and the inevitable clashes with the rest of Europe - even the "welcoming" French -, that is what our actual leaders were waiting for months.
Well, the answer is as simple as it is banal, in my humble opinion.
This is a trick as old as the world itself: we talk a lot about one thing, or making it happen, to distract the crowd from the rest. Lots of US presidents have shifted the attention of citizens to enemies or alleged ones across the border to prevent them from dealing with problems at home, Noam Chomsky told us to the point of boredom. In the same way, since his coming to power in the 90s, as well as on migrants, Berlusconi did the same accusing the leftist judges and the enemies of the traditional family. Meanwhile, he had sexy parties at Palazzo Chigi and trips with his friend Putin.
And the government of the country?
Yes, good question, still relevant today, or at least it should be regardless of the color of the coalition that has taken on the delicate and difficult task.
A nation that is complicated to administer, Italy, where inflation has grown again only in the last month and with a strong acceleration, to be honest. Of course, the price increases for energy-related goods are involved, but costs of food and all goods in general have also risen, including those relating to personal care and our homes.
Yes, but the Italians first, okay?
Sure, right. Let's talk about the unemployed ones, what do you think? Of the fact that we are now almost at the top of the European rankings in this sad competition. Worse than us only Greece and Spain. At the same time, we have almost 2 million families in a condition of poverty. Moreover, in terms of unemployment, women are still penalized in Italy, with almost 3 percentage points more than men. Ah, but now that there is woman premier behind the wheel, things will finally change...
Agreed, but enough immigrants!
Certainly. But maybe, between one slogan and the other, we should deal with that little thing of corruption, which sees us in the last places in Europe in this too, lacking especially in international areas, a scourge that has been prevalent in recent years.
Yes, but this is our home!
Okay, except that more than “our” I would say theirs, since according to the Bank of Italy the richest company in our country is still called mafia, with a turnover of 38 billion euros a year (104 million per day), more than 2% of the Italian GDP.
In any case, a part of this ambiguous side common to every government in Italy for as long as I can remember, there is no need to sit idle. Starting with doing something to limit the number of deaths at work, 600 this year alone.
Or maybe if someone finds the time between one xenophobic slogan and the other, it would be necessary to intervene once and for all on a structural level from north to south - given that there is now a very skilled and highly trained Minister of Infrastructure in the saddle, named Matteo Salvini - to prevent the seismic risk, instead of getting noticed only after "natural disasters" destroy and kill.
There would also be that other trifle of the worst internet network in Europe, and I could go on, but I'll stop here. Also because all this is not relevant news, here, come on. Could it win against “the ship of African invaders prevented from docking”? You know, making viral news, keeping italian public glued, divided between thumbs up or down, is the real goal to hide the fact that the real problems that haunt us are still stacked on the desk of those in charge and will remain there.
It has already happened and will happen again, just see.

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