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Criminal fairy tale with legal moral

Stories and News No. 1299 Sorry, but I cant’ help but to tell it this way. Once upon a time... actually, no, let's forget the past, let's live it in the present, also because it's happening right now. So, there's a thug okay? Because this is what it is, let's face it once and for all. Furthermore, the authors of the commendable documentary The Corporation - I always highly recommend it, analyzing the behavior of multinationals as if they were human beings came to the conclusion that they are psychopaths. Well, the protagonist of this short story, in my humble opinion, shows clear signs of a criminal personality (hyperactivity in crime, anti social, great ego centrism and more) and a sociopath (contempt for laws and social customs, inability to recognize the rights of others, inability to feel remorse or guilt, etc.). By convention, respecting the privacy just as if we were writing the report of a patient with mental disorders, let's call him GB. Now, the fac

What do you have in mind for 2035?

Stories and News No. 1298 Okay, let's also tell this one as if it were a fairy tale, but one for older readers, because I thank that the younger ones already know it, since the so-called "grown-ups" stage it on a daily basis. So, once upon a time there were the protagonists of this story, i.e. three sovereigns: Sunak, king of the Disunited Kingdom, Kishida, emperor of the Archipelago of the Dying Sun, and Queen Giorgia, monarch of the Land of Boot. One fine day, or rather the opposite, being somewhat worried, Mother Earth - that is, everyone's mom, therefore theirs too - went to them and said: "I'll get straight to the point, because time is running out, even if I didn’t understand yet whether you realize it or not. Anyway, since I'm not doing well at all and I have no idea how long I'll be here with you, I wanted to know what you thought about the future." The three looked at each other perplexed and then the Earth grew impatient: "We&#

Never born because of the air

Stories and News No. 1297 There is a place – or rather I just like the idea that it exists, where a million children continue their journey. We couldn't call them lives for obvious reasons, which will become clearer as the words flow through the heart, even before the overrated brain, but I think they are still worth telling. Also because the pages where people write about concrete and tangible stuff are already crowded enough, that finding space for a dream from time to time can't hurt. I was saying, there is a place where a million children, more or less – I hope in the latter, lives… oops, just are, you know. Like all their peers with a much better fate, they go to school and now we zoom inside a classroom of the huge palace that welcomes them all without any distinction. The desks are thrown there in confusion and the teacher's one is of the same size and so the chair. As if to say, here everyone learns from everyone, and at the end of the year in everyone's fol