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Criminal fairy tale with legal moral

Stories and News No. 1299

Sorry, but I cant’ help but to tell it this way.
Once upon a time... actually, no, let's forget the past, let's live it in the present, also because it's happening right now. So, there's a thug okay? Because this is what it is, let's face it once and for all. Furthermore, the authors of the commendable documentary The Corporation - I always highly recommend it, analyzing the behavior of multinationals as if they were human beings came to the conclusion that they are psychopaths. Well, the protagonist of this short story, in my humble opinion, shows clear signs of a criminal personality (hyperactivity in crime, anti social, great ego centrism and more) and a sociopath (contempt for laws and social customs, inability to recognize the rights of others, inability to feel remorse or guilt, etc.).
By convention, respecting the privacy just as if we were writing the report of a patient with mental disorders, let's call him GB.
Now, the fact that GB is crazy and that he's a dangerous individual is demonstrated by his medical records, okay? We are talking about a person who has committed unspeakable crimes over the years, from the slave trade to colonialism, from the sale of weapons of all kinds causing death and destruction to the theft of other people's wealth, leaving behind hunger and misery. Being a sociopath as already mentioned, he recently decided to isolate himself permanently from those around him – he called Brexit, only to regret when it’s too late, because it's one thing when you're a good person, but if you even behaved for a long time as an egocentric, warmongering and arrogant dude, well, don't expect something different here.
Now Gibi has a trouble that many other criminals like him have in this world: in the past they caused not one but billions of problems, but you read tragedies, to other people, who ended up asking him for help, or account. Can you see how paradoxical the question is just so far? Without going around it any further, I'm telling you that the problem with him is that those he has harmed along with its colonialist buddies in every imaginable way just want to survive, period. That's his problem and the solution is their deaths. I think you can not explain clearly than that.
Just this would state Gibi's criminal and sociopath nature, but since in this fairy tale we have not yet invented a truly “super partes” and effective structure capable of guaranteeing justice to those who have suffered damage, such as a good fairy or even an evil witch - everything in order to stop the scoundrel and prevent him from committing other crimes, he persists in his reprehensible behavior. In fact, having put aside a lot of money thanks to his illicit activities, he decides to shell out a bribe of 140 million pounds, almost 160 million euros, to bribe another gentleman, let's call him RW, accused of  practicing torture and any type of boorish action without any restraint in defiance of the slightest respect for human rights. In return, he will take charge of the aforementioned “problem”. Once the collaboration between the two has been implemented the latter, including women and children, will be literally eliminated.
Well, do you know what is the moral of this criminal fairy tale? That in the real world all of this was deemed legal just yesterday…

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