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What do you have in mind for 2035?

Stories and News No. 1298

Okay, let's also tell this one as if it were a fairy tale, but one for older readers, because I thank that the younger ones already know it, since the so-called "grown-ups" stage it on a daily basis.
So, once upon a time there were the protagonists of this story, i.e. three sovereigns: Sunak, king of the Disunited Kingdom, Kishida, emperor of the Archipelago of the Dying Sun, and Queen Giorgia, monarch of the Land of Boot.
One fine day, or rather the opposite, being somewhat worried, Mother Earth - that is, everyone's mom, therefore theirs too - went to them and said: "I'll get straight to the point, because time is running out, even if I didn’t understand yet whether you realize it or not. Anyway, since I'm not doing well at all and I have no idea how long I'll be here with you, I wanted to know what you thought about the future."
The three looked at each other perplexed and then the Earth grew impatient: "We're not at school, right? I’m not your teacher, just your mother and as such I worry about tomorrow, which you as rulers should also do. For example, what do you have in mind for 2035?”
This time they looked at each other as if they had a ready answer, but the Earth pressed on: "I didn't say a random date, huh? Just five years earlier, i.e. by 2030, according to a leading study 92% of the countries I host will experience "extremely hot" temperatures. Also by 2035 global carbon dioxide emissions will increase by 43% if major nations stick to existing energy policies and do not act to curb global warming, according to the US Energy Information Administration. The latter, in its long-term global energy analysis, predicts that in 2035 energy consumption will increase by 49% between 2007 and 2035. You know what it means? By 2035, half of the coral reef ecosystems worldwide will face permanently unsuitable conditions if climate change continues unabated. More importantly, another major research by scientists from the Netherlands and the UK says that we will pass a tipping point in 2035, after which it will be extremely unlikely that we will be able to stop my temperature from rising by 2 degrees Celsius, kicking off a dangerous mix of global disasters. Staying below 2 degrees Celsius is crucial for my well-being, I hope you know that. Once it warms another 2 degrees, scientists predict a range of catastrophic effects, from widespread flooding in coastal areas to scorching heatwaves and extreme storms.”
Mother Earth stopped, because she was out of breath and hot, now unable to know whether it was the effect of the agitation or the greenhouse.
"So?" she asked the three again. “What do you have in mind for 2035?”
“A plane,” Sunak replied.
“A plane,” confirmed Queen Giorgia.
"A plane?" asked the Mother of all.
“But a fighter plane!” clarified the Emperor of the Dying Sun.
“Yes,” emphasized the English king. “A sixth generation supersonic jet.”
"Great stuff," added Queen Giorgia. “Think that the name is Tempest and it costs almost 30 billion euros.”
“And you also called it Tempest…”
Mother Earth nearly fainted, but this time she was sure it wasn't global warming's fault.
“I'm pretty much doomed, I need a miracle…” she thought anguished.
Or a revolution...

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