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What about peace?

Stories and News No. 1306 Follow me in a house, inside a family like many others, husband and wife are having dinner at the table with their son, as usual with the TV on. The man of the news still talks about the war, thinks the son of two, six years old that particularly well behaved, even if we never say that about children, only adults, and instead it is necessary to do it from time to time. Because in their case it tenderly demonstrate it. “Did you hear what Putin said ?” says the disconcerted father, pushing away the plate with the still hot spaghetti left over. “We don’t do that,” the boy thinks, staring at the gesture more than at the words. “You always repeats we don’t reject the food, it's rudeness,” he adds in his mind, recalling the precise statement of the dinner regulation. However, when the grown-ups talk to each other, he prefers to listen and try to understand, an increasingly difficult task with the passing of the generations. “Are you referring to nuclear weapo

News we are used to

Stories and News No. 1305 I think that there are news articles before which sooner or later we end up remaining indifferent to and I don't think it's a good sign. I don't know if the responsibility is ours, or rather the way we welcome and absorb all information, the rhythm, or rather the frenzy, which we travel with from waking up to the end of the day, or even lots of other factors linked to the most various social contexts which we spend most of our time in. Perhaps it also depends on how the facts that reach the front pages are communicated, told and explored. Nonetheless, it is enough for me to browse through the main news of these days to convince myself once again that most of them as if they are no longer relevant. We're used to it, that's all. Although the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is a recent tragedy, day after day, we have become as addicted to the bodies pulled from the rubble as to the stories of those who didn't make it. Because it has alre

War and earthquake a matter of points of view

Stories and News No. 1304 We often fight over the different angles from which we observe the most varied issues, both those that touch us closely and others, which concern people whose tragedies we cannot imagine. For example, war or peace, join the fight or stand by, send weapons or only medicines, or not even the latter. At the same time, I think that when we try to absorb the points of view of those who pay the highest price, seriously, dividing or even clashing against each other could be much more difficult. That’s why I can't help but broaden my gaze on the inhabitants of a portion of the globe at this time particularly marred by different but almost equally tragic events. In the middle, to separate the those destinies there is once again water. Nothing new in the century we are living, because at these latitudes it is the journey that traces the path between the waves that captures the most conflicting emotions, like the stories that matters, between the affection moved b

13562 vs Shell

Stories and News No. 1303 An imaginary, albeit plausible, excerpt from the desirable trial against the oil multinational Shell in the High Court in London: Yes, Your Honor, we are from Nigeria. Everyone, that's right. How many are we? At a guess about 14,000. Exactly? Look, sir, today we are exactly 13562. Yes, I know, we are many, that is true, but we could have been many more, to be honest, and this is an essential part of the problem. That is, the crime. What do I mean? I'll get there, Your Honor, give me a moment, I won't take up too much of your time. To be honest, I won't steal anything from you, we're not the criminals and in this diatribe, I can speak for everyone else, present or not. What crime, Your Honor? Well, this is a complex aspect, because we could dedicate much more than a single trial to it, but I will try to simplify it, since it is already an unexpected success to have come this far. The law is the same for everyone, you say? If it were, You