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Sociopathy test for Giorgia Meloni government on migrants

Stories and News No. 1309 I remember that the movie The Corporation , identifying the corporations as if they were human beings, obtained through a personality test a diagnosis of psychopathy. Well in a similar way, based on the behavior so far by italian Government with migrants, I would like to draw up a psychological profile. To do this, I use a simple but fairly reliable Sociopathy short test devised by Dr. John M. Grohol , contributor to the mental health site Psych Central . Thus, imagining that we are addressing the questions to an ideal personification of the Italy’s Government, let's start the test which includes 10 questions. First: I use charm and wit to manipulate others for my own benefit. Since we are dealing with long-standing political figures, I can only choose "definitely me". And to be honest, it would have been the same even if there had been a majority of a different colour. Second question: Compared to most people I know, I seem lacking in remors

Giorgia Meloni’s conscience about migrants dead

Stories and News No. 1308 Maybe it's not always and everywhere like this, I hope not, certainly not for each of us, especially those who the fate of the majority depends on. Nevertheless, I am convinced that most of the time the writer Oliver Goldsmith is absolutely right when in his well-known novel, The Vicar of Wakefield, he states that “conscience is a coward, and those faults it has not strength enough to prevent it seldom has justice enough to accuse”. Going straight to the point, I am speaking of the "clear conscience" of Giorgia Meloni and her associates, supporters or even just sympathizers, together with all those who enjoy a relatively peaceful sleep in the face of not only the deaths of Cutro, but each of the individual lives that disappeared along the journey from Africa up to our shores. On the contrary, to put it like Goldsmith, a cowardly conscience to say the least that its own faults not only lack the strength and much less desire to prevent, but not

Kais Saied's dream: a racist Tunisia

Stories and News No. 1307 Once upon a time there was a dream. Even if it is not, right? But you can say whatever you want, verbally and on page, digitally or otherwise. Many will continue to do it, even in the most unexpected places – hence this story of mine – because it takes place in people's unconscious and to reach it, touch it and maybe challenge it, it is necessary for both to make their way in their respective senses. On the other hand, it would be necessary to wake up, and it is not easy stuff. But the tragedy is when it is the powerful man to dream, who usually assumes the presumed right to spill everything on the people who depend on him. What dream? Well, you know it, it is the most shared and controversial one for decades in a large part of the world, I would say, although it is still difficult to talk about it frankly. Because it's like a movie that everyone sees but no one wants to review in full, because otherwise you'd have to mention terrible images, an