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Sociopathy test for Giorgia Meloni government on migrants

Stories and News No. 1309

I remember that the movie The Corporation, identifying the corporations as if they were human beings, obtained through a personality test a diagnosis of psychopathy.
Well in a similar way, based on the behavior so far by italian Government with migrants, I would like to draw up a psychological profile.
To do this, I use a simple but fairly reliable Sociopathy short test devised by Dr. John M. Grohol, contributor to the mental health site Psych Central.
Thus, imagining that we are addressing the questions to an ideal personification of the Italy’s Government, let's start the test which includes 10 questions.
First: I use charm and wit to manipulate others for my own benefit.
Since we are dealing with long-standing political figures, I can only choose "definitely me". And to be honest, it would have been the same even if there had been a majority of a different colour.
Second question: Compared to most people I know, I seem lacking in remorse, empathy, and/or guilt. By circumscribing the question to italian right-wing immigration policies, without fear of contradiction, in my opinion the answer is the same.
Third question: I have no problem lying to get what I want.
Here too, speaking of migrant people, based on what has happened in recent days, the various decisions taken and statements made, the same response as the previous ones.
The fourth question provides an equally identical response, regarding the subject: I rarely feel remorse, shame, or guilt about something I’ve said or done. It is enough to re-read what Meloni and Salvini reported following the sad story of Cutro.
Fifth question: I don’t see the point in taking on responsibilities — they just weigh you down. Sorry, but even here, if despite being in the most important seat in decision-making, you attribute the blame to everyone except yourself, it is clear that you do not have the faintest idea of what the word or the concept itself of responsibility means.
Question 6: I engage in unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior, with little regard for the safety of myself and/or others.
What can I do, but we're always there, or rather "definitely me", especially if instead of behaviors we are dealing with laws that are risky and dangerous by definition. The only comment that could be made is that in our case, or rather theirs, the little regard for safety concerns only the others. And it's an aggravating circumstance, I think.
Seventh question: I repeatedly lie to or trick others for my personal gain or pleasure. Well, I would like to postpone this question, even if I have my own ideas, of course. However, I would like to be wrong. I want it, actually. I want to believe that we don't have people to govern us who somehow profit or even get some form of enjoyment from the misfortunes of those who die at sea.
Eighth question: I hurt people's feelings without feeling sorry for them.
Alas, we return to the usual answer, because the coalition that leads Italy today has filled programs, rallies and laws with actions or speeches capable of hurting the feelings of immigrants since day one.
Ninth question: I do what I want when it feels right to me, regardless of what others want. Same as above. If Meloni and c. had accidentally stopped for a fraction of a second to think about what the people who arrive in our country with the hope of surviving hell want, there would have been no need to offer them a test for Sociopathy.
Tenth and final question: I don’t see the point in feeling sorry for other people and have no desire to help others.
No surprise in conclusion, since feeling sorry for others implies considering them worthy of compassion, which is something that Italy government completely ignores if the skin colour and the origins do not correspond to the Italian tradition. Let alone the desire to help.
Therefore, given that the answer "definitely me" was the most coherent for most of the questions, here is the result of the test: strong indication of Sociopathy.
According to this test, Georgia Meloni’s government in matter of immigration is unable to respect social norms or laws; it lies or persistently deceives others, and/or that feels less guilt and remorse than is otherwise normal. In clinical contexts, this case would probably warrant active treatment in the form of psychotherapy.
And then we wonder why people die at sea and who is to blame…

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