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Liberation Day Italy 2023 letter from the past

Stories and News No. 1312 I like to think, imagine or even dream, that in those dark days one person among many, perhaps at a young age and with a courageous faith in the future, placed her or his hopes in the following letter. I don't know, putting it in the classic bottle before throwing it into the sea, or closing it underground in a box, with the obligation for posterity to reopen it in the light of a different and much better tomorrow. In other words, finally free from the past . Dear you, Who lives over there, beyond the limits of a calendar that I will barely touch, where I would like to be and live even just for one day. How beautiful is to be born and grow up in your shoes, am I right? And how lucky you people are, having stopped living in fear. The fear of saying what you plan to do, even before doing, and of saying or even thinking, even before doing or saying. You are no longer afraid, right? And you will certainly have defeated that hateful form of self-censorship

The distance problem

Stories and News No. 1311 Nothing new in the premise of this umpteenth story: a privileged minority exploits the earth's riches, causing suffering and death among the majority of human beings. And the grotesque paradox, which is incomprehensible to any living creature on our planet, is that sooner or later this stupid attitude will harm everyone, without exception. In particular, today's story is about water. Or what the problem is. One cannot help but agree with Professor Hannah Cloke of the University of Reading in the UK when she states in the inspiring article that more than climate change and population growth, the real problem is social inequality, which causes the situation explained inside the incipit. However, when I read in the same article that constantly irrigated swimming pools and lawns in large cities contribute to the enormous gap between the few who take water for granted and all the others, this leads me to think that the problem is another one. Or one of

Once Upon a Time in Sri Lanka

Stories and News No. 1310 Once upon a time, then, as promised. Once upon a time in Sri Lanka, giving life to the incipit of a story that dates back to about 30 years ago. And that's not good, not at all. Because certain plots should find conclusion, or peace, and at the end of the day, when you close your eyes and you find yourself with what you have claimed to believe  all the time, you know if effectively did something useful. Indeed it doesn't matter where this story takes place, how far away you feel it in time and space, because this is one of those tales that we are obliged to feel ours everywhere and in every age. Otherwise, there is little truth and coherence in what we say and do. So, let's get back to the story, yeah, that's why we're here. It was the 90s and in Sri Lanka the exploitation of cheap labor was in full swing, as well as in all areas of the world where multinationals had relocated their factories for various reasons. Among all, as Naomi Klei