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Letter to an African man of the past

Stories and News No. 1314

Dear ancestor,

It could be you too, dad, but in your case I wrote a book, while here I would like to expand the discussion. Both in time and space.
However, if in my personal story the unpunished crimes of colonialism begin and take place above all in the Horn of Africa, and concern the country where I was born and where I will end my journey, remaining in the same continent the group of suspects is significantly larger.
It is with regard to the significant aspects of history and memory that unite and at the same time divide us, that I would like to send this letter to you, who are in a certain sense my ancestor and in some way close on my father's side, if not in the well-known sense more noble and universal called simply humanity.
Dear African of the past, who saw those emissaries of three populations arriving from overseas, English, French and Italians.
Watch them carefully with the eyes of the past and today. Especially the latter.
Can you see those gentlemen with faded complexions and deceitfully cordial eyes, when the true as rapacious face is not evident? You may not have understood it yet, but from their very first appearance, despite what they have told themselves and the whole world since day one about the three false gifts called civilization, democracy and modern infrastructure - like swindler biblical magi, over the centuries to come, monstrous atrocities without end await you, while the consequences will be paid bitterly in addition by yourself, your children, your children's children and on, condemned to be part of a family tree cursed by their own kind.
Listen cautiously now, since I write to you from the time called tomorrow, which should follow the night, which in turn should have instilled counsel into the consciousness of most.
I'm sorry, my friend, but this did not happen, despite the horror that you still don't know due to the worst encounter that has ever occurred between human and human, even if only through the filthy fault of the intruding guest, never of the one who welcomed.
Indeed, the plot that awaits you and sees us, people of the present future as current protagonists, took place in stages marked in such a paradoxical way as to go beyond every imaginable limit even in the brain of the craziest of fools.
Look at them again, now, those three representatives of as many populations unhealthy bearers of weapons, steel and disease, to quote the work of someone infinitely more authoritative than myself.
Their descendants, as well as my contemporaries, will prove to be the most ruthless and inhumane among the many when will be yours to make the reverse journey. And never to conquer and plunder, but to ask for help and, in a word, survive.
Know also that in the years to come there will be no acknowledgment of guilt, restitution and justice. Rather, the one who will be singled out as shameful, who will must continue to give everything he has and be executed will be you.
For such a reason, although these words of mine will dissolve when written like the ghost they are addressed to, I beg you with all my heart, when you see them coming, English, French, Italian and everyone else too, stand up and fight, do it as much as you can and defend yourself at all costs...

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