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The people

Stories and News No. 1316

Once upon a time the people, you know them?
How many times have you heard this, come on, and every time it's a lie, though.
It's a false story from the very beginning, because whoever writes it, tells it and most of the time screams it, has always a hidden reason. Indeed, there is one behind the latter, and then another and in the end there is him, taking selfies while he is overeating or having fun behind your back.
Without a precise order, following the chaotic shouting of such scoundrels: the people are tired, the people must be understood, the people can't stand it anymore, the people are with us, the people agree with us, the people have agreed with us once again, despite "the people", in the sense of most of them, are those who have been staying at home for decades now and do not respond to appeals in one sense or another.
In the meantime, people are always on the lips of them, pay attention.
I say this because it came to my mind reading about an initiative of astonishing simplicity and impeccable human logic, by Dr. Krish Kandiah, the director of the Sanctuary Foundation.
He is one of the founders of the Homes for Ukraine project, which together with the Ukraine Family program, has made it possible to welcome 173,500 refugees fleeing the Russian invasion, mostly in the homes of British citizens.
Well, with the outbreak of yet another civil war in Sudan, with almost a million displaced, he more or less thought: "Well, it worked with the Ukrainians. Why not do it with the Sudanese as well?”
“We must show the same generosity of spirit and open hospitality to people from Sudan,” he actually declared.
Of course, if before this we had been given free word to those who, like the aforementioned, stand as credible narrators of what people want, they would have nipped in the bud any kind of similar intent. Because people are tired, people are angry, people must be understood, and then we can't welcome everyone, apart from whites and blonds possibly with light eyes people, or in accordance with precise indications from the United States.
Luckily for everyone there are people... just like the director of the aforementioned foundation, who don't care who talks about them. As proof of this, although the new initiative has only been proposed online, there have already been more than a hundred people willing to host Sudanese refugees.
As if to say, you can often behave like a human being in the ideal sense of the term if you eliminate governments from the equation.
This is why, despite the fact that over the years a bitter realism is gaining ground in my vision of worldly things, to the detriment of remnants of optimism which, moreover, has never been in my comfort zone, I continue to believe that the people out there, beyond the walls and the window of the room where I am writing this words, are able to surprise us at any moment. In a positive way, I mean. And perhaps, if put to the test, they could turn out to be better than we expect.
In other words, quoting a well-known film, maybe the majority of people is not bad, they were just drawn that way...

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