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EU citizens pay a billion euros to watch migrants in hell

Stories and News No. 1322

Well, I just read an article and I try once again to understand it better with a story.
Once upon a time a hellish circle, right? One of those built upside down, where the innocents burn in flames and the rest of the world, well... it's the audience, but like the one inside the television studios, where someone dictate when to laugh and clap hands.
However, this is a perfect Dante's circle, one that has no end, because eternal damnation is in the obsessive repetition awaiting a different outcome. And although the scenography changes, as well as the style of the pitchfork and the appearance of the persecuting devils, the victims are always the same.
There were once similar agreements with Gaddafi's Libya. Today there are those between the European Union and Italy premier Giorgia Meloni and that gentleman, the president of Tunisia Kaïs Saïed.
However, the outcome is the same, the circle is there, unchanged, obtuse, cruel, mad and ruthless, which can be explained with an easy story, precisely: there is someone who pays someone else - at least one billion euros - to prevent anyone else from coming to his land.
This in the intentions of a mind that no longer has anything human, but not even reasonable. Because the actual plot is grotesquely identical to the past ones, as mentioned at the beginning. It has already happened and it will happen again that the one who pockets the money will use the latter in the only way he knows how to stem the departure of the desperate one, that is violence, torture and death, making a huge mistake by ignoring the most banal of considerations: the majority of those that the sadistic jailer deludes himself of imprisoning leaves his home and his loved ones, going towards any danger on the horizon, exactly to escape from the same fate which he would like to threaten with: violence, torture and death. Which means that the story above should be rewritten in this way: there is a guy who is so stupid as to pay someone - even a billion euros - to give even more reasons to someone else to reach his land.
Nonetheless, while the poor victims of such a stupid and diabolical design continue to pay the highest price, do you know what the most paradoxical detail is? That at the end of the fair or of this story, in the past as today, paying out that billion is the aforementioned public made up of all of us taxpayers, even those who insist on fearing unreal invasions of migrants on our coasts...

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