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If the Italian Church were right about homosexuality

Stories and News No. 1321

"It's not against the person, but it's a mandate to transmit Christian values"
The Church of Cesena after the removal from the summer center of a "gay educator".

Once upon a time a story, another one.
Or, a parable, if you like.
Yet another short tale to reflect, both in the sense of understanding and returning the feared scenario to the sender.
It is also the story of a "gay educator" as they called it, yes, but not just any, fearful and moderate, traditional and familiarly intransigent ladies and gentlemen. This is the distressing plot in which this one managed to escape the watchful lenses of the great father, rather than brother, who protects us from the infinite ways of sin. Yes, they used to be the Lord's, but this version sells for more, you know how it works.
The dangerous man, having emerged unscathed from the tight shirts of the albeit diligent soldiers to protect our children, as well as desirable future members of the devout community, found himself brazenly confused among the ranks of his holy and sanctified colleagues: the straight educators.
However, it remains surprising how he managed to blend in among the normal kind and, above all, why they were unable to identify him. For lack of any other explanation, it's further proof of how cunning these people can be, for goodness sake.
But let's get to the facts, which, although disturbing, must be told in detail so that they are a warning to everyone.
Indeed, from the first day of work in a defenseless and vulnerable summer camp, this deviant person began to sow and spread the virus he carried in his body.
First of all, in a devilishly subtle way, whenever he knew he was not seen by his equals, the gay educator smuggled an accomplice into the center, who happened to be his partner. We can't spell boyfriend or anything similar because even typing the word burns our fingers, holy mother.
As a consequence of this filthy crime, in the following weeks at least 40% of the kids who participated in the monster's activities began to show equally obscene behaviors, with the boys stealing mascara and lipstick from their sisters or mothers, and the girls cutting their hair short and even pretended to pee standing up, God save us.
However, this is just the tip of the iceberg with stiletto heels and colorful ice.
Because of this real sick bearer of effeminacy and moral drift, the young victims who came into contact with him showed clear signs of an absolute aberration, with the definitive loss of sacrosanct Christian values.
According to the story of family members, teachers or simple acquaintances, there were children who began to desire other people's stuff, such as a cell phone, playstation or even just a pair of designer shoes, some who said false testimony, blaming the cat for not doing their homework or pretending to be sick so as not to go to school, still others who committed impure acts, such as picking themselves in public or forgetting to wash their hands after going to the toilet, or even those who began to violate the most important of the commandments, you will have no other God but me, replacing the adoration for the creator with that for footballers, singers and even influencers.
Who knows what else they will be able to do as adults…
For this reason, for the sake of our children, if you know of a gay educator or someone who could become one in the future, report it immediately to the appropriate office.
The good thing is that in Italy we currently have a majority in the government and in the various local administrations who have promised to be sensitive to our concerns and needs.
Otherwise, no final absolution...

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