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Stories about diversity

Stories about diversity and inclusion in English (stories inspired by true events) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, italian author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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True short stories collection inspired by real events
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher
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Discrimination story in Ice Age

Death in Venice story

Babatunde's dream


What color are they?

The king's statue

Us and them

The three questions

Gambia goalkeeper last match

Migrants boat capsized off Libya: 27 stories

International Day of People with Disability: we are you

Ninth planet in our solar system is ours

Freedom of expressions explained to aliens 
Anti-gay religious freedom bill in the reign of normal

Women's day 2015: Letter to Free

Three muslim students killed in the silence 

One child two mothers: the following words 

The "disabled" child and the "assistant" teacher

How "gay marriages" become "gay adoptions"

Gender equality stories: the perfect school

The victims of the day after

Same sex adoption stories: the empty house

Homophobic Slur: who apologize to?

The hiding land

Stepchild adoption Italy story

Surrogacy law Italy: satirical story

If Trump was president here is the story

First gay kiss by Canadian sailors: what makes us human

Paralympics stories of courage: the parallel silent victories

LGBT rights in the world: story of a kiss

Quebec Mosque Attack: a joke

The kingdom for everybody
Italy says yes to gay marriage

Anti homophobia day 2015: The against nature kingdom

Crucifix in the classroom: the true story

Sending autistic child away: the meaning of disturb

International Day Against Homophobia's Composition

Rainbow Ants Story

Diversity stories about nature

Letter to future migrants

A shocking discovery

The treasure at the end

What are we afraid of?

Australia voted yes to marriage

No one has ever been a colour

I am different

I am human

Ata alien baby girl's story

I will marry you

Swedish meatballs are Turkish

White cloud and black cloud

Stories for when you feel down

The game of life

The dream of the diverse child

Videos about diversity: