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Italian multicultural books for kids: Tramonto

Sunset (Tramonto)
The story  of Dark and Light's son

Written by
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Illustrated by
Valentina Rizzo

Tempesta Editore, 2017

From the back cover:
My name is Sunset and I was born between two Souths. South Europe and World’s South, Africa.
I was born between two colours.
I was born among mind and heart, as many of us.
So I had a dream. Yes, just in that fascinating time when sun and moon say high to each other.
In that instant, right for born in the middle creatures, I wished that, maybe, we are a lot walking on that rope.
More than I can hope.

Sunset is the story of a child born between two worlds, Africa and Europe, with a "black" father and "white" mother, between two colours and as much the sunset he lives a life "in the middle", between day and night, finding the best balance accepting his condition as natural, discovering the advantages in the feed of different cultures.

From the stage to the book:
The show debuted in 1999 as a storytelling in Rome and since then it has been staged in many Italian cities.
In 2002 the story was published by Edizioni Lapis as a picture book for children. In 2003 it was awarded by the International Youth Library (IYL, Monaco) with the White Ravens, a recognition to works from around the world considered to be  special and it was selected in 2011 for the Night of the tale (La notte del racconto), sponsored event throughout Switzerland, by Bibliomedia Italian Switzerland.

To buy it online:
Tramonto (ISBN 9788897309949)
Ibs, Amazon, Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Libreria Universitaria, Libreria Rizzoli, Publisher website