Italy Stories

Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher
Stories of Italy today, true short stories by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, italian author, writer of fiction, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Queen Elizabeth visits Italy: the joy of Saverio

Italy Earthquake 2016 story is old

Internet Day 2016 in Italy: from darkness to light

Anti refugee protest barricade in Italy: right to hate story

Iran and Italy, dictatorships comparison

Bear hunting Italy: to kill or not to kill

Nude statues covered in Italy: true story of the hiding land

Racism in Italy video: the different story

Italy, from 1992's Tangentopoli to now

First World War Centenary Italy: of madness and time

In Italy bureaucracy kills more people than earthquake

The new Italian president 2015 will be a baby girl

Amnesty International human rights in Italy: us and them

Liberation Day Italy 2015 story until dawn

Italian immigrants in Australia exploited story

Snow in Rome Italy 2017

Earthquake story for kids

Italy avalanche survivors story

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