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Stories about human rights, hunger, poverty, war and peace

Stories about human rights, hunger, poverty, war and peace (stories inspired by true events) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, italian author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Amnesty International human rights in Italy: us and them

Man killed by landlord to prevent theft: one of us

Cleveland police kill 12 year old boy: the 3 rules of the game

Russia Ballerina dance in chains video story

Gender Theory Conspiracy and Alien Invasion: the true story

Drowned Syrian boy picture in the infinite worlds

Gay Immigrants Romani people etc.: rights for all or nobody

Gun control story in the forest of the seven

Death row stories: the first woman and the useless words

Mistaken killed in Israel

Billionaire buys daughter diamond for $48m: thank me

Endangered humans at risk around the world

War crime Syria is starvation: Ali's victories

Oldest death row inmate dies: the story in the dust

No war in Libya

There was en explosion

Death penalty explained to kids

Hunger in Nigeria story: when we won

Children of Aleppo: how we escape

Protests in the world: the line that binds it

Sudan Genocide 2016 swift actions

Let me die

Immigrant man suicide death in Venice video story

Justice for Adama Traoré and others

The River's Day

Future's victories

Ignorance's weight

Miriam's last Mother's Day

Hildur and Souley

Every 35 seconds

World hunger stories in Africa to hide

Future guilty

World hunger stories the world ignores

Play read and sing

The many faces of the forgetful humanity

Women's right to drive and fly in Saudi Arabia

The Rule of 46

The poverty of choice

Modern slaves in the world house

Rich and poor against the poorest

Humanitarian aid is a crime for everyone?

When the poor see

When they talk about you

We will win

Samar Baltaji Maher Attar photo's story

US vs Russia's fairy tale

Why are there chemical weapons in Syria?

Time for excuses

Refugees umbrella

Beyond the limits of world's madness

World War 1 Centenary 2018 letter

Right of asylum story

Universal declaration of human abuses or inhuman rights

The game of life

Missing Nobel Prizes

Stefano Cucchi story

Nadine and us

Videos about human rights: