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Stories about life

Stories about life in English (stories inspired by true events to read online) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Brain dead woman gives birth to baby in Italy

Military plane crash in France into disabled home: war and heroes 

Police kill black man: ban colors 

Stolen dog returned after 7 years: magic story of Jordan 

Terminally ill patients video story of Tom

The girl that doesn't age Brooke Greenberg: the secret 

Nazi perfect aryan child is a Jewish girl: the story 

Ugliest dog in the world: thank you speech 

World Cup final of the losers 

Tank man of tiananmen square: who is today 

Fattest man in the world Manuel Uribe: story of emptiness 

Paula cooper US youngest death row inmate: end of the story

What is the main export in Africa: death

World first birth frozen ovary: story of you and me

Death row stories: the first woman and the useless words

2 year old dead after shooting himself: the most important before

Stories of teenage problems: I walk

Seven dead babies found in woman's home

Youngest organ donor baby Hope: all my parts

Man kills himself after bank rescue in Italy

Journalist killed in Mexico: why you are alone

Berta Cáceres is alive

Between the wrong playgrounds of Bangkok
Japanese woman must us husband's name

Landfills in the world few rules

Calais Jungle what is it: the story

Afghan girl photo story: now and then

UN brought Cholera to Haiti and other misunderstandings

Sudan Genocide 2016 swift actions

Snow in Rome Italy 2017

Italy avalanche survivors story

Philippines Manila fire and me

When the heart dies twice

Lucy and The Cold

Stories of women's rights 2017

How many times the fire burns

The best of us

The situation is desperate

I'm lost

The girl who wanted to fly

Early departures

When heroes need us

The last dream of the submarine

Orangutan selfie stories

Without words


Ata alien baby girl's story

I lose you, I found you

Samar Baltaji Maher Attar photo's story

Avatar for everything

The creature

New shoes

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