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Stories with morals, to think about

Stories with morals, to think about in English (stories inspired by true events to read online) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, italian author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Thin polar bear: global warming and other stories
Gun control story in the forest of the seven

Miners trapped underground: my father’s job

New human species found in South Africa: why he is new

Nepal earthquake 2015 82 hours resisting and saving 

World Book Day story 2015: the reckless storytelling 

Youngest Cryogenically frozen person in the world: the awakening 

Liberation Day Italy 2015 History Video until dawn 

Crime of torture in Italy: the blessed land 

Earth Hour 2015: the perfect robbery 

Solar Eclipse 20 march 2015: the land of the blind 

Father's Day 2015 video letter to son 

Death penalty USA 2015: story of a nightmare 

School ceiling collapse where we learn 

Pulitzer prize winner photography Michel DuCille dies: the true story 

First World War Centenary Italy: of madness and time

Headlines today news live online: how much it cost

Not in my name from Rome to Paris

Loving Forces Day...

Anti-war stories: War broke out 

The saving words

International Day of Peace or Pause?
Stateless people against people without State

Reborn from death

The Small World Day

The strange case of the New Zealand penguins

Person of the year 2016 and our time

Sudan Genocide 2016 swift actions

Evacuation Aleppo as soon as possible

Snow in Rome Italy 2017

Italy avalanche survivors story

Freedom of expression explained to Aliens

Philippines Manila fire and me

The fable meanwhile

The beaver's lesson

The two attacks

Europe's birthday

Friend or enemy

Terrorism: who, how and why?

What is war?

When a journalist is killed

Robbers and robbed in Africa and the world

The bullying people

I know 2.0 version

When butterflies go away

The life you waste

Of many G's and protests

The need for terrorism

The President's speech in front of the mirror

The Guns Doggerel Story

Dying for too much living for little

There was an attack

Ktunaxa vs British Columbia: Grizzly Bear Spirit Revenge


We are angry

My name is Troll

When heroes need us

What's wrong with us?

Exercises in Style Fake News

The last dream of the submarine

Orangutan selfie stories

What are computer virus

You ask me too much

Thank you Mr. President

Without words

Humanitarian aid is a crime for everyone?

When the poor see

Don't believe us

Not for sale

Florida shooting: what we learned

When they talk about you

No one has ever been a colour

I am different

I like to think

Listen to me

The populist and the dictator


We will win

Ignorance is bliss

Ata alien baby girl's story

Close everything

Forbidden to watch

Why are there chemical weapons in Syria?

Avatar for everything

Time for excuses

The creature

When kangaroos get mad

She's too beautiful

Swedish meatballs are Turkish

New shoes

The invasion

World War 1 Centenary 2018 letter

Recovery community

Populist leader

Left vs Right story

The fantastic language

Solution to Italy problem

Who represents us?

I'm free and now I know

Story of the cave

Things I need and I do not

The world of lies


The perfect couple

The true story of the man who invented Internet


Crazy train

Because people want it

The land of the damned laws

The wonderful weapons of the little ones

What is terrorism and what is not

The stain on heart


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