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Democracy is under siege: spoken word poetry

Stories and News No. 1232 Democracy is under siege. Because democracy is a risk. Freedom House, the well-known organization, says so. The human history of every nation says it too. Because democracy is the power of the people and the power of the people is the people in charge. And the people are not just citizens, ministers, undersecretaries and deputies. The people are all or none, even those who are never mentioned in happy stories. It happens that the French government declared the far-right group Generation Identitaire illegal and the far-right AfD party in Germany was placed under legal surveillance. Because the French and German democracies are under siege. Because democracy, everywhere, is a risk. But then – even if it could disguise itself as a pro-European and moderate government party - Salvini's League, which ever says the same things as the aforementioned parties do, should also be monitored and declared illegal. Because in France or Germany it would be completel
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Dying as a driver: in memory of Moustapha Milambo and others

Stories and News No. 1231 Today the State funeral was celebrated to remember the ambassador Luca Attanasio and carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci killed in Congo during a terrorist attack. To remember is a fundamental verb that has no expiration and is always actual. For this reason, I would like to recall on this sad day for the relatives of the deceased even those who most often appear in the news in the guise of a now obvious side note, which should have nothing for granted. I am talking about the long list of innocent extras without dialogue and lights that matter, who are systematically sacrificed in the grim terrorist script. They do not receive honors or laurels, plaques and dedicated anniversaries, but they die in the same way, often at the same moment as the protagonists: the drivers . The first of those I found in chronological order digging into the past - but there were immensely more of them, died with the above mentioned in Congo. He worked for the World Food Program

Fair distribution of vaccines for every human being

Stories and News No. 1230 Once upon a time the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19. Indeed, no. I start over. I never particularly liked the word against . I prefer for . So, once upon a time the distribution of vaccines for... Well, reasoning with a minimum criterion of reality, the things become difficult. Extremely easy with a bit of imagination, but the human kind, according to the most natural of meanings. Thus, we could complete the opening words as follows: once upon a time the distribution of vaccines for every human being. We are talking about this, right? Of our fellow people. About that, I recall what that smart guy on zoom said the other day... no, quite the contrary, she was a wise lady during a face to face meeting in the last century, since it is such an atavistic and trite concept: a global problem can only be solved with a global answer . Otherwise, it would be like hiding the classic dust under the carpet, out the border, over the ocean, on the other side of

Why you should read books: the Decalogue

Stories and News No. 1229 Italy is at the bottom of Europe, and it is not well placed in the world either, in number of book readers and amount of time spent with one of these particular objects in our hands. How can you forget about all this while you are about to cover the blank page with your words? Therefore I feel the moral, civil and very interested obligation, to give my personal contribution. One, because it's easy and anyone who can read can do it. You need both hands free or even just one if you put it down somewhere. You must have the time to do it, of course, not everyone has this privilege, because time is a privilege, but even with one page a day you can read Moby Dick. My edition is just over 400 pages. You see? One page a day, five minutes, and in about a year and a half you will have got one of the greatest novels inside your head. Two, because there are no commercials in a book, right? You browse the pages, jumping from one and other as you like, you may cli

Migrants holocaust remembrance day

Stories and News No. 1228 For me today will be a kind of remembrance day , but with a lowercase initial letter. Without detracting from the most famous one , don’t be wrong. Because remembering the stains of human history is an invaluable value in any case. Therefore, today is the day remembrance the day after . Hoping that the attention of the most celebrated recurrence, inviting us all to not repeat the horrors of the past, may share some of its precious light of warning and thoughts about every infamy carried out by our overrated species. So, to be more precise, today is the remembrance day eight years later, but also the day before yesterday , when my country was found guilty: Italy has failed in its duty to protect human life by delaying a rescue mission for a boat that sank in the Mediterranean on 11 October 2013 . This was the indisputable judgment of the United Nations Human Rights Committee . To help us think with total silence, it is sufficient to listen to this: if th

Fairyland is for everyone LGBT themed book: censorship in Hungary

Stories and News No. 1227   Fairy tales are for everyone The current government at the head of Hungary, led by the Hungarian Civic Union party – remember MEP József Szájer caught in Belgium by the police last December with after an orgy defined as "gay" by the press - has always lashed out against diversity, whether they are about gender, origin or faith. Hungary has harshly condemned last year the release of a book entitled Fairyland is for everyone. It is the work of the Labrisz association, committed to defending the rights of LGBT people, and wants to teach young readers to be more respectful towards others, whatever category they belong to. Consequently, the anthology contains, for example, stories in which there is a prince who loves another prince, others with Roma characters or people with disabilities, in addition to dark-skinned Snow White who is renamed Leaf Brown. Now, these days Orbán’s government has imposed that the association's books, in particular

Trump impeachment and social expulsions with expired time

Stories and News No. 1226 Today, just six days from Biden's inauguration, US President Donald Trump will be subjected to impeachment for the second time during his term, following as many bans by the main social networks he has used for his personal interest so far. However, think about what effect it would have had on the whole world if social networks had decided, with the same unanimity of these days, to ban the profile of the most powerful man in the world, guilty of spreading hate and division since his very first post. I am not saying really the first, but after hundred racist or sexist claims, hurting the dignity of the weakest and their human rights, especially the most vulnerable people, on the man's seat that should be the most responsible on the planet in every gesture, let alone in words. Well, perhaps our world today would be different, because four years ago we would have woken up in the morning connected to a society able at its most influential levels to see