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War and earthquake a matter of points of view

Stories and News No. 1304 We often fight over the different angles from which we observe the most varied issues, both those that touch us closely and others, which concern people whose tragedies we cannot imagine. For example, war or peace, join the fight or stand by, send weapons or only medicines, or not even the latter. At the same time, I think that when we try to absorb the points of view of those who pay the highest price, seriously, dividing or even clashing against each other could be much more difficult. That’s why I can't help but broaden my gaze on the inhabitants of a portion of the globe at this time particularly marred by different but almost equally tragic events. In the middle, to separate the those destinies there is once again water. Nothing new in the century we are living, because at these latitudes it is the journey that traces the path between the waves that captures the most conflicting emotions, like the stories that matters, between the affection moved b
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13562 vs Shell

Stories and News No. 1303 An imaginary, albeit plausible, excerpt from the desirable trial against the oil multinational Shell in the High Court in London: Yes, Your Honor, we are from Nigeria. Everyone, that's right. How many are we? At a guess about 14,000. Exactly? Look, sir, today we are exactly 13562. Yes, I know, we are many, that is true, but we could have been many more, to be honest, and this is an essential part of the problem. That is, the crime. What do I mean? I'll get there, Your Honor, give me a moment, I won't take up too much of your time. To be honest, I won't steal anything from you, we're not the criminals and in this diatribe, I can speak for everyone else, present or not. What crime, Your Honor? Well, this is a complex aspect, because we could dedicate much more than a single trial to it, but I will try to simplify it, since it is already an unexpected success to have come this far. The law is the same for everyone, you say? If it were, You

The Company of the Cartel

Stories and News No. 1302 Yes, I know, the title seems like a parody of the first volume of Tolkien's masterpiece, the Fellowship of the ring, but there's really nothing satirical or funny here. It is a tragic and old story, which repeats itself all over the world, and it is always the same who pay the costs. The bravest, individuals with a clear conscience and an iron will, an adjective that is most fitting in this case. I remember a sentence from a character in a novel I don't remember now, but I recall the words. The guy, a man of the same kind mentioned above, stated that for people like him the most difficult thing is not to understand which is the right and most honest path to take, but not to do it knowing it. In today's story, we fly to Mexico, in the state of Michoacán, in the municipality called Aquila, which bears the name of the homonymous capital. The eagle has always been the central element of the coat of arms of the Mexican nation. The current one, wi

Colonial museums indoors and outdoors

Stories and News No. 1301 There are various types of museums, you can say that for everything, the premise is easy but the consequences are not. Otherwise, everything would be different. Otherwise, I'd be living in a different country. However, for the sake of simplicity, we could say that museums are of only two types, for the use of this short story. First there are those indoors, trivially. And among them, in the colonial – or rather anti – branch, I like to mention the exhibition From Local to Global recently set up at the Scarborough Art Gallery, in the namesake English town in North Yorkshire. In the presentation of the event on the gallery's official website there is a fundamental note, which warns visitors to be aware that the exhibition presents a collection of objects that contain images and descriptions of racial exploitation. In the rest of the message, the organizers explain that they have taken this decision to help the public better understand British racist

Giorgia Meloni is finally dealing with reality

Stories and News No. 1300 Like many others, I focused on the government's failure to cut fuel taxes. Some have underlined Meloni's inconsistency between promises and effective punctuality in keeping them. And despite her justifications, it doesn’t matter if she has made her propaganda shots more or less recently, because consistency does not have an expiration date. It applies after, but also before, otherwise words weigh little or nothing and it isn't like that. It shouldn't be so if the lives of individuals as well as entire populations are at risk. In this regard, therefore, more than coherence, I am more concerned with words. The Italian prime minister, in her usual controversial video on the aforementioned fuel taxation, used an expression that gave me much to think about and which I consider emblematic of modern society: "Now we are dealing with reality." Meloni - like many of her peers here in Italy and in a large part of the western world - is reali

Criminal fairy tale with legal moral

Stories and News No. 1299 Sorry, but I cant’ help but to tell it this way. Once upon a time... actually, no, let's forget the past, let's live it in the present, also because it's happening right now. So, there's a thug okay? Because this is what it is, let's face it once and for all. Furthermore, the authors of the commendable documentary The Corporation - I always highly recommend it, analyzing the behavior of multinationals as if they were human beings came to the conclusion that they are psychopaths. Well, the protagonist of this short story, in my humble opinion, shows clear signs of a criminal personality (hyperactivity in crime, anti social, great ego centrism and more) and a sociopath (contempt for laws and social customs, inability to recognize the rights of others, inability to feel remorse or guilt, etc.). By convention, respecting the privacy just as if we were writing the report of a patient with mental disorders, let's call him GB. Now, the fac

What do you have in mind for 2035?

Stories and News No. 1298 Okay, let's also tell this one as if it were a fairy tale, but one for older readers, because I thank that the younger ones already know it, since the so-called "grown-ups" stage it on a daily basis. So, once upon a time there were the protagonists of this story, i.e. three sovereigns: Sunak, king of the Disunited Kingdom, Kishida, emperor of the Archipelago of the Dying Sun, and Queen Giorgia, monarch of the Land of Boot. One fine day, or rather the opposite, being somewhat worried, Mother Earth - that is, everyone's mom, therefore theirs too - went to them and said: "I'll get straight to the point, because time is running out, even if I didn’t understand yet whether you realize it or not. Anyway, since I'm not doing well at all and I have no idea how long I'll be here with you, I wanted to know what you thought about the future." The three looked at each other perplexed and then the Earth grew impatient: "We&#