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EU citizens pay a billion euros to watch migrants in hell

Stories and News No. 1322 Well, I just read an article and I try once again to understand it better with a story. Once upon a time a hellish circle, right? One of those built upside down, where the innocents burn in flames and the rest of the world, well... it's the audience, but like the one inside the television studios, where someone dictate when to laugh and clap hands. However, this is a perfect Dante's circle, one that has no end, because eternal damnation is in the obsessive repetition awaiting a different outcome. And although the scenography changes, as well as the style of the pitchfork and the appearance of the persecuting devils, the victims are always the same. There were once similar agreements with Gaddafi's Libya. Today there are those between the European Union and Italy premier Giorgia Meloni and that gentleman, the president of Tunisia Kaïs Saïed. However, the outcome is the same, the circle is there, unchanged, obtuse, cruel, mad and ruthless, which
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If the Italian Church were right about homosexuality

Stories and News No. 1321 " It's not against the person, but it's a mandate to transmit Christian values " The Church of Cesena after the removal from the summer center of a " gay educator ". Once upon a time a story, another one. Or, a parable, if you like. Yet another short tale to reflect, both in the sense of understanding and returning the feared scenario to the sender. It is also the story of a "gay educator" as they called it, yes, but not just any, fearful and moderate, traditional and familiarly intransigent ladies and gentlemen. This is the distressing plot in which this one managed to escape the watchful lenses of the great father, rather than brother, who protects us from the infinite ways of sin. Yes, they used to be the Lord's, but this version sells for more, you know how it works. The dangerous man, having emerged unscathed from the tight shirts of the albeit diligent soldiers to protect our children, as well as desirable fu

National day of mourning is what define us

Stories and News No. 1320 Today I would like to be as brief as possible, so that the few words are easier to remember and remain impressed for longer. In my humble opinion, there are two types of mourning. The first one is particularly common to each of us. Whether it's people, living creatures in general, tangible or intangible objects, situations, dynamics or any other important element in our lives, it's when the loss proves to be so deep and significant that you can't help but suffer from it. Sometimes you manage or have an interest in expressing it, and on other occasions it is something you keep inside. The other type is not an objective fact, on the contrary it cannot and must not be, because it is the result of a precise choice that pertains to the most intimate sensibilities and one's principles. It is a crucial way, like others notable, to take a stand. It is not simply a mere emotional reaction, as it may appear at a cursory glance. It represents the resul

If I were the Earth

Stories and News No. 1319 Yes, I know, it's trivial as a premise. I'm referring to the fact that seeing things from the other person's angle helps to understand them. Nonetheless, I will never tire of repeating it: I believe it applies to everything, living creatures and inanimate things. Even with the greatest among them, in the midst of what directly concerns us, the one that contains them all: the Earth. Therefore, I am about to discuss a recent news by putting myself in the shoes of the latter, in this case personally interested. Thus, in the immodest guise of the Earth, I read that one of the most powerful and populous nations that I carry on my shoulders, China, intends to pierce my surface through one of the deepest holes in history. It goes without saying how much this worries me as the planet most underestimated by its own inhabitants, which happens to be the only one they have. Therefore, I ask myself: why, with so many things to do for me - which means for yo

At the end of the rainbow of our clothes

Stories and News No. 1318 Here Africa, where it all began. And, now, also the end. Precisely we are at the clothing market of Kantamanto , in Accra, Ghana. You know, right? Those narrow, crowded streets between all the same stalls covered with piles of clothes. Pants, T-shirts and jackets of any fabric. But above all style and color, according to the fashions and tastes of the moment. A sort of rainbow that like a snake winds its way across our planet from one point to another of the latter, instead of across the sky. Maybe that's why in the end there is no treasure to be found. It is the same old scaffolding which the story of humanity that we have chosen to interpret rests on, whose moral, for those who live on the opposite extreme, is bitter to say the least. Meanwhile, life proceeds indifferently going up the unfair current in reverse. Anyone of us, on the side where dressing is a way of expressing the personality or mood of the moment - instead of just a mere protection fro

Seven facts about racism in Italy

Stories and News No. 1317 I would like to put some order on a topic that has always touched me personally, but which I still believe today is misunderstood as inescapable in a country like Italy and beyond. I'm talking about racism. I learned to know it literally firsthand since birth. It is enough to say that I was the only black student in the entire institute for my entire course of study almost including university. I remember that day in high school when I heard one of my teachers saying that there were about 600 students in our institute. Well, the first thing I thought was that he meant that the "whites" were 599... This was usual in my neighborhood when I played on the street or the playing pitches. Or when I went to the beach, where things got complicated because I inevitably got darker. I won't sit here and bore you with the exorbitant amount of episodes of intolerance and discrimination suffered. In part they have become nourishment for stories, novels o

The people

Stories and News No. 1316 Once upon a time the people, you know them? How many times have you heard this, come on, and every time it's a lie, though. It's a false story from the very beginning, because whoever writes it, tells it and most of the time screams it, has always a hidden reason. Indeed, there is one behind the latter, and then another and in the end there is him, taking selfies while he is overeating or having fun behind your back. Without a precise order, following the chaotic shouting of such scoundrels: the people are tired, the people must be understood, the people can't stand it anymore, the people are with us, the people agree with us, the people have agreed with us once again, despite "the people", in the sense of most of them, are those who have been staying at home for decades now and do not respond to appeals in one sense or another. In the meantime, people are always on the lips of them, pay attention. I say this because it came to my mind