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Fairyland is for everyone LGBT themed book: censorship in Hungary

Stories and News No. 1227   Fairy tales are for everyone The current government at the head of Hungary, led by the Hungarian Civic Union party – remember MEP József Szájer caught in Belgium by the police last December with after an orgy defined as "gay" by the press - has always lashed out against diversity, whether they are about gender, origin or faith. Hungary has harshly condemned last year the release of a book entitled Fairyland is for everyone. It is the work of the Labrisz association, committed to defending the rights of LGBT people, and wants to teach young readers to be more respectful towards others, whatever category they belong to. Consequently, the anthology contains, for example, stories in which there is a prince who loves another prince, others with Roma characters or people with disabilities, in addition to dark-skinned Snow White who is renamed Leaf Brown. Now, these days Orbán’s government has imposed that the association's books, in particular
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Trump impeachment and social expulsions with expired time

Stories and News No. 1226 Today, just six days from Biden's inauguration, US President Donald Trump will be subjected to impeachment for the second time during his term, following as many bans by the main social networks he has used for his personal interest so far. However, think about what effect it would have had on the whole world if social networks had decided, with the same unanimity of these days, to ban the profile of the most powerful man in the world, guilty of spreading hate and division since his very first post. I am not saying really the first, but after hundred racist or sexist claims, hurting the dignity of the weakest and their human rights, especially the most vulnerable people, on the man's seat that should be the most responsible on the planet in every gesture, let alone in words. Well, perhaps our world today would be different, because four years ago we would have woken up in the morning connected to a society able at its most influential levels to see

International Migrants Day Dream Story: I wish I was the vaccine

Stories and News No. 1225 A dream for the International Migrants Day … I would have a dream. I don't say I do , because I don't dare that much. But, being a dream, within the latter I can hope for incredible wonders and pursue absolute joy. You know what? I can't , but I must. We all do, more than ever these days. Therefore, I would like. I don't say I want , because there has never been arrogance in my intentions, despite the raving allusions of some. Only, simple necessity. Because I would like to be the vaccine you are waiting for. That is my dream. I would like to be the best answer to the disease that has poisoned the body and time, the mind and above all heart. I would like to be the solution to all your problems, to be honest, but it would be enough to dress up as a miracle drug even for a moment, one of those that save people and protect them in the days to come. So that people will not forget the importance of my presence in their life. In short, so that

Between the trigger and the hole of a revolver

Stories and News No. 1224 Here is yet another plausible story trying to tell the bizarre world in which we live today. In the appearance of a rapid succession of clicks on the cell, we sometimes feel close, because we are connected to the network. Together, since we are concentrated on the same handful of bits, despite only a few moments. However, at the same time, we are equally divided. And, as in the case of what is hidden inside the amazing technological devices by which we are now possessed – whose functioning is comparable to some mysterious magic for most, I have the clear impression that what actually distinguishes and distances human peoples is further unknown. Consider, for example, neither borders, nor cultural differences and complexions, let alone the diversity of beliefs, but rather a revolver. Yes, the well-known wheel pistol, which you may have seen pretend to detonate countless times in a movie. Shooting blanks, as they say. Nonetheless, as far as we are in the rel

Something is rotten in the state of Hungary and beyond

Stories and News No. 1223 Once upon a time the rottenness. But yes, I know, it's not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. Because the fairy tale does not change in the plot and the immoral ending, despite being told by characters – you know who, they too – who cheat and pretend, yell angrily if the hypocritical audience asks for it, raving about idiocy of ideal families and moral codes. Yes I know. József Szájer, MEP from the Hungarian Civic Union, aka Fidesz, the right-wing Viktor Orbàn’s party, recently participated in an orgy in Brussels that was described as "gay" by all the media around the world. A party that has declared war towards the LGBT movement. But don't be surprised, come on. It is a fresh news but an old story too. It is not an exception as they will try to say, explain and more than ever cover up. This is the only credible synopsis of this monotonous tale, of skilled sellers of a facade decoration for institutional evenings, t

If the forest is so beautiful it is because we are here

Stories and News No. 1222 Once upon a time there was a problem. A huge one to say the least. It is still there, to be honest, and has been around for a long time. Some claim it dates back more than two hundred thousand years. Others even double. So, think about it. Imagine how it has grown and spread everywhere with the passage of time, making its solution inexorably more difficult. Consider Congo, for example. Point the lens of the most reasonable part of your brain on the precious rain forest within the aforementioned African state and widen the frame, while doing the same with your curiosity. Because the topic is urgent at every latitude, no one should feel too far away. Well, do you see the village of Seh? And most importantly, can you see those people? Yes, it is just as you think. They are indigenous, despite the fact that entire generations, ignorant and superficial, have associated this term with misleading and even profitable meanings. I mean savages, uncivilized or worse.

We can only win together against viruses

Stories and News No. 1221   November, 2020. We won. Once again we won. Because we are still alive. Because surviving is our triumph. And the simple daily life, which follows this unexpected primacy, is the prize. The first time the virus appeared and made its roar heard in the world, our world - immensely more tangible and vast than yours, it was in another country. Another nation. With different and at the same time similar humanity, identical for the undervalued preciousness of living and incomparable for overestimated trifles. Nonetheless, none of us has ever dreamed of considering those people as cruel planners of the evil or perfidious infectors. Because for us senseless hatred has a very high price and when you are forced to buy it, we know how the story ends. For the record, it was June 1976 and in the aforementioned sister land, nearly 300 were infected by the most invisible enemy of human beings, a creature of negligible size and proportionally inverse danger. At least h