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Who is on the ship?

Stories and News No. 1118

Once upon a time... no, it’s wrong.
There is, now, here.
A story? Yes, maybe, but also something else.
It's a farce, yes it is.
A nightmare.
A deception, or worse, a trap.
A maze of lies and ignorance that brings you back to the same spot every day.
The one where, in turn, however incredulous, you feel the irrepressible need to bring them back to the center of the village, the sea and our understanding of things.
The people.
In this story, but also something else, there is a guy, him, that I’ve not yet understood who or what it is, what right he has to speak and even vomit madness in the name of the most.
Since the majority, thanks to the sacrosanct voice of numbers, they haven’t given him any credit.
Then, there are the microphones’ sellers, but the ones with powerful, trendy lungs. Long time ago they used to share the what and the how, sometimes the why too, and now it remains only the mere object: inanimate tools, just like that, soulless, like a microp…

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