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The world of lies

Stories and News No. 1120

Once upon a time the world of lies.
You can call it whatever you like.
Who cares about the exactness of syntax and semantics in the current narrative?
The people?
But now they’re there, they finally entered the power room.
The wonderful ordinary persons, the average citizen, traditionally known for virtues and skills that professional politicians never had.
You’re in the populist dream, now.
So, why you feel like living in a strange kind of nightmare?
Oops, don’t say it... hurry up!
Moderate the comments, indeed, block them and, while you're there, turn off everything.
Better not to read between the muddy backwash that could run over you.
It's all right, continue to share the reassuring mantra with others and especially yourself.
The parties you voted would have sold their soul to finally get on the saddle of the government steed.
You know what? They sold it.
They did it before you even start to listen about them.
It's all right, anyway.
Don’t even th…

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